CR Power Signed Two Cooperation Agreements with Hezhou City and Established China Resources Power (Guangxi) Sales Co., Ltd.
15-05-2021 CR Power



On May 14, CR Power and Hezhou Municipal People's Government jointly held the signing ceremony for the Cooperation Framework Agreement on Jointly Building a CR Power Great Circular Economy Industrial Demonstration Zone in Hezhou, Guangxi and the Strategic Cooperation Agreement for Development of the Power, Grid, Load and Storage Integration & Multi-energy Complementarity Project. Tang Yong - President of CR Power, Hou Yongjie - Vice President of CR Power, Lin Guan - Secretary of Hezhou Municipal Party Committee, and Peng Daiyuan - Mayor of Hezhou attended and witnessed the event together.

Secretary Lin Guan affirmed the contribution made by China Resources in promoting high-quality economic and social development in Hezhou and consolidating the effective connection between the achievements of poverty alleviation and rural revitalization. He said that Hezhou has obvious geographical advantages, excellent business environment and huge potential for future development. In recent years, Hezhou has been actively promoting the development strategy of "East Integration" and creating a hot land to undertake the industrial transfer of the Greater Bay Area. He hoped that China Resources and Hezhou would take this signing as an opportunity to further deepen cooperation, jointly promote the development of regional clean energy and circular economy industries, and achieve mutual benefit and win-win results.

President Tang Yong expressed his gratitude to Hezhou Municipal Party Committee and Hezhou Municipal People's Government for their constant care and support. He pointed out that in the future, CR Power would further implement the spirit of strategic cooperation agreement between China Resources Group and Guangxi, as well as deepen cooperation in various fields and strive to build a national demonstration base for Power, Grid, Load and Storage Integration & multi-energy Complementarity by relying on the existing industrial advantages and focusing on the local development goals, so as to help Hezhou industry "make the leading enterprises stronger, complement the chain, realize the great circulation, and promote the great development", reach the goal of "peaking carbon dioxide emission and carbon neutrality" as soon as possible, and make new and greater contributions to the region to build a high-quality development highland and benchmark for people's well-being.

The opening ceremony of China Resources Power (Guangxi) Sales Co., Ltd. was held on the scene. To voluntarily meet the needs of the national energy revolution, and to better and more efficiently serve the construction of a clean, low-carbon, safe and efficient energy system in Guangxi, China Resources Power (Guangxi) Sales Co., Ltd. was established in early 2021 to take charge of the business of CR Power in Guilin. In combination with the advantages of Hezhou in terms of policy, location and business environment, CR Power chose Hezhou to hold the opening ceremony of the China Resources Power (Guangxi) Sales Co., Ltd. Up to now, China Resources Power (Guangxi) Sales Co., Ltd. has 11 legal entity companies with a total asset of about RMB 7.2 billion and a total installed capacity of 2.4662 million kilowatts. Its business covers thermal power, wind power, photovoltaic, power distribution and selling, comprehensive energy services and other fields.

In addition, in order to promote the various business forms of China Resources Group and Hezhou City to carry out in-depth exchanges, seek business opportunities, and seek common development, representatives of all business forms of the Group in Guilin had a discussion and exchange with leaders from the Party Committee and government of Hezhou.

Lu Haiping - Director of the Standing Committee of Hezhou Municipal People's Congress, Chen Yuanming - Chairman of Hezhou municipal committee of CPPCC, Mao Renjian - Secretary General of Hezhou Municipal Party Committee, Liu Hongjun - Vice Mayor of Hezhou, Heads of various government departments in Hezhou, Wang Haiou - Professional Director and Deputy Director of Collaboration Office, Strategic Management Department of China Resources Group, Peng Fangqing - Secretary of Party Working Committee and Chief Representative, Guangxi Region of China Resources Group, responsible persons of all business forms of China Resources Group in Guilin, relevant responsible persons from the South China Region of CR Power and from China Resources Power (Guangxi) Sales Co., Ltd. attended the event.