The Runyouyi Project of China Resources Power Holdings Co., Ltd. (CR Power) Won the Second Prize of the Science and Technology Progress Award of the Chinese Association of Automation (CAA)
12-04-2021 CR Power


On April 10, the 2020 Chinese Association of Automation Award Ceremony was held in Suzhou, Jiangsu Province. "Development and Application of Intelligent Optimization System for Coal-fired Unit Operation", the achievement of Runyouyi Project of CR Power Technology Institute, won the Second Prize of the Science and Technology Progress Award.

Through the innovation and application of big data and artificial intelligence technology, Runyouyi Project excavates the historical optimal working condition of the unit for offline optimization, and uses the new simulation model technology for online optimization, so as to achieve a breakthrough in thermal power unit operation optimization technology; It also improves the operation management of power plant through the quantitative evaluation technology of operation. Through more than six years' efforts of CR Power Technology Institute Co., Ltd., CR Power Shenzhen Chuxin Intellectual Property Management Co., Ltd., CR Power Hubei Co., Ltd., North China Electric Power University, Shenzhen Shengyuan Energy Saving Technology Co., Ltd., the project has achieved results and been promoted and applied. CR Power owns the independent intellectual property rights. The main contents and innovations of the project include: A discriminating technique for the optimal dynamic working condition of the unit is proposed; The
dynamic benchmarking database system of the unit is established; The operation optimization and scientific evaluation are realized.

The project has published 20 journal articles, obtained 11 authorized invention patents, 4 utility model patents and 7 software copyrights. In June 2020, Guangdong Science and Evaluation Association organized experts to appraise the results of the project, and Academician Li Licheng of Chinese Academy of Engineering held the post of Director. The evaluation committee believed that "the core technology of the project has reached the international leading level".

Up to now, the Runyouyi system has been successfully applied in 44 power plants owned by CR Power, State Power Investment Corporation Limited, China Guodian Corporation, etc., with remarkable social and economic benefits and good promotion prospects, contributing to the scientific and technological innovation and high-quality development of CR Power.